Beckon is a mentoring program for urban young men ages 18-30 who have made a decision to follow Jesus.  Entry for this program is restricted to fatherless young men who have been raised in a dysfunctional family setting.  Most of these young men have a criminal record, have been gang affiliated, have been drug dependent, have dropped out of school, are unemployed and have a child outside of marriage.

Beckon provides assistance in job placement, attaining a GED,  housing, clothing, substance abuse, anger management, parenting and support to leave the gangs.

Beckon provides spiritual fathering to help bring about spiritual maturity and to develop wise decision making. Beckon helps young men to be set free from negative poverty mindsets, to now receive a new mindset that is based on God’s Biblical truth and the power of the Holy Spirit. Beckon uses older urban men to speak truth and godly example into the lives of the young men of Beckon.

Besides weekly mentoring, Beckon has found wilderness camping and retreats to be significant times for the young men to hear the voice of GOD.